Reduce Your Cost To Become a Life Coach

Coach Training Alliance offers the leading online life coaching certification program available on the market today. It’s no secret that the top life coach training online programs, such as Coach Training Alliance, that award an authentic life coach certification upon training completion, can be expensive.

Coach Training Alliance’s certified life coaching programs awards its successful candidates with a certification that is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). This award is based upon the ICF Code of Ethics and the ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours. This life coach certification is trusted and well known in the industry. It is prestigious and is an invaluable enhancement that will contribute to building a successful life coach business.

A true life coaching certification with ICF-approved hours of life coach courses is akin to taking a college course in both cost and time. The Certified Coach Program offered by Coach Training Alliance, for example, costs approximately $2,500.

That certainly could be a burdensome problem for many people contemplating a life coach career. The time commitment and the financial commitment does steer a lot of people away if there is any doubt or uncertainty in their future career as a life coach.

For those who are committed to starting a life coach career but need some financial assistance to enroll with Coach Training Alliance, there is an excellent way to reduce the cost by taking advantage of a Coach Training Alliance promo code.

I know that many of you reading this will say, “promo codes, discount codes and coupons usually don’t work and are not worth the hassle”. And to a large extent, that is true. So don’t waste your time searching through promo code and coupon websites that invariably list expired coupons that don’t work. A lot of promo codes are fake and are just an enticement to get you to click on their website. That’s why they’re called “click bate”!

Coach Training Alliance will not do that. They offer an honest and very healthy promo code of $250 off the cost of their ICF Certified Coaching Program. This code does not expire, although they do sometimes offer a $500 promo. This amount of financial assistance might be just enough to persuade the undecided candidate to join Coach Training Alliance. Clicking on this link will not direct you to a coupon website, but will take you directly to Coach Training Alliance. When you enroll in your selected program and are ready to check out, you will see a window where you will enter 250CCP to receive your $250 discount.

Certainly, there are many life coach training programs that are much cheaper and award their candidates with a “diploma” or “life coach degree”, or some such other useless award for completion of their program. But that doesn’t compare to a prestigious certification approved by the International Coach Federation.

The old adage applies, “you get what you pay for”.