Are you content with the career path that you are on?

Have you thought about changing careers but just don’t know how you could possibly manage the transition with the pressure and responsibility of providing for your family or even just yourself while taking a training course?
Are you a “people person” with an extroverted personality?

Can you envision yourself in a well-paying career where your purpose is to help others supercharge their own careers?

If so, you are an ideal candidate for a career in life coach training.

Create for yourself a new career helping others succeed while providing for yourself financial freedom and personal satisfaction.

Coach Training Alliance is a highly reputable life coach training community that provides reputable techniques, guidance and tools to launch your successful life coach training practice. They offer a variety of programs from which a candidate can tailor to their needs. For those that require a program with a shorter time frame, the Coach Training Accelerator will put you on the fast track to success.

Take the guesswork out of the equation. The Coach Training Accelerator™ Online is organized for efficiency and effectiveness so you’re taking the right courses from the beginning, graduate on time, and have the tools to begin your life coach training career and start making the money you deserve.

Program Overview

The Coach Training Accelerator™ Online is a 20-lesson comprehensive program with real-world coaching sessions that provide step-by-step instruction. Self-study, self-paced courses formatted to complement the CTA Certified Coach Program.

Live Help and Personal Guidance

Personal, one on one contact with Certified Life Coach training and Admissions Advisor, Lisa Pisano, will provide you with unique, individual support as you find your life coaching niche and grow your practice. She has helped thousands of coaches reach success and can help you, too!

Ask questions, get support, learn new tips firsthand free of charge – for life.

Interactive Training Modules

The best part about a self-study course is the options you have for learning. You can choose to move at your own pace along to the section what interests you most. Or you can follow the steps outlined for you in each module and work through them in order.