If you’ve never tried to make a living from a life coach business, you probably don’t know how challenging it can be. There are plenty of life coaches across many different industries, many with a successful practice, others, nor so much. Everyone who enters this profession generally has the passion and desire to impact people’s lives. So, if that’s the case, what keeps many coaches from creating a successful life coach business with plenty of clients?

When you look at life coaching as a recognized, respected occupation, it would be fair to say that there’s been headway, but there are still plenty of folks that don’t have a clear picture of what coaching can do for them. People in pretty much every industry would benefit from life coaching. You know how coaching can improve their lives, but making that clear to the millions of people out there whose lives would be profoundly impacted by your coaching is a slow moving process. So in that way, your challenge is two-fold: informing these people what coaching can do for them, and then enrolling them as clients. Sure, you’re ready to enroll them, but teaching folks the power of coaching can really seem like a drag and perhaps more than you signed up for.

The initial way that many coaches deal with this is by utilizing life coaching tools. This could be a powerful 30-second message which informs others how their coaching can help, and then finding places in your community to network. Although networking is great and essential as a coach, it might not be enough to fill your practice. That’s why it’s also recommended to create group events like workshops or even a life coach podcast that allows you to access larger groups of people at once, casting a wider net.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to put on a group event, you’re going to have to think of what value your event offers to your ideal clients. A workshop or group life coaching programs that help participants in some way is obviously your best bet.

If creating a group event of your own sounds like too much of a hassle, consider using pre-made material specifically for coaches. Look for workshop material that offers value to your perspective clients, allows you to easily facilitate the material, and that has coaching opportunities built right into the program. That way you have the chance to showcase your life coaching skills so that you can sign participants up as clients following your event.

Sure, coaches already know how powerful coaching is. The rest of the world is slowly figuring out the transformative impact that life coaching can have on their lives. Helping them figure that out is just going to take a little creativity and a few group events with YOU and your awesomeness. Give it a try. Just remember, success begets more success.