Yoga, meditation and life coaching are the trinity of practices used to create wholeness of mind, body and spirit.
On the journey towards unity with our true selves, yoga provides the roadmap of discovery into the physical body which is of course in marriage with the mind and the spirit.

The “GPS” into the mind and the spirit is the practice of meditation.

Life coaching is the practice that pulls together all of the awareness, wisdom and experience from yoga and meditation and uses that to spur and inspire growth in others.

As a Yoga 2 Life coach, we educate and advocate for our clients into self-discovery using the very profound practices of yoga and meditation to fuel inner knowledge and union with the client’s mind, body and spirit.

(1) LISTENING AND PRESENCE: Both of these are critical facets of yoga, meditation and life coaching. In yoga, we have to learn to be present in our physical body in each moment of each pose, using the breath to guide us to go deeper. We learn to listen to our bodies so that we don’t push beyond our current physical limitations. Meditation is the practice of listening to present silence so that we can approach union with our soul-self. Similarly, as a life coach, we bring most value by listening to our clients and letting the silence and presence act as the catalyst for learning.

(2) INTENTION AND CONNECTION: Every life coaching session starts with the client setting the intention or the “agenda” for the session. We learn that intention (the client’s choice and focus) is the power behind our life coaching sessions. This helps us to connect to the client in the most purposeful way for each session. Yoga and meditation practices start the same way. It is through intention that we create connection and thus, change. The divine light that lives in and connects each one of us is that which we bow to after every asana practice. It is also that which we aim for through consciousness in meditation. It is the core behind the desire to become a life coach. To intentionally connect, empower and inspire. The word “yoga” itself means to yoke/connect which is exactly what we are doing in all three practices.

(3) GROWTH: Through the practices of yoga and meditation, we begin to understand our bodies and our minds in a deeper way. We gain awareness through mindfulness and concentration via intensified focus; thereby becoming stronger. The awareness we often gain as we practice offers us wisdom about different areas of our lives from which to grow. This yoga and meditation growth fuels the natural yearning to teach and empower others as a life coach. Life coaching is a gift and fruit of our journey as yogis which we are able to pass onto others.

Synergistically, yoga and meditation continues to nourish and sustain our practice as life coaches!

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Author Bio
Terese Shanley is a Yoga2Life alumni highly trained Yoga and Meditation Instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching in the Ashtanga and Anusara Vinyasa flow styles in the Fort Collins’ yoga community and beyond.